What can we offer?

Miniature circuit breakers, transfer and change-over switches, cam switches, timer relays, motor and installation contactors, motor starters, pilot lights and push-buttons, terminals, latching relays, transformers and such, are all part of the switching equipment, and with distribution boards or boards for automatization, make a huge spectre of low voltage energy distribution in civil, commercial or industrial sector.

Also, we offer soft-starters and variable frequency drives for commissioning and controlling the installed motors. ABB entirely covers this field of LV equipment, and we as distributors, work with it. Other brands we have in stock are Hager, Schneider, Rittal enclosures and Gewiss.

DIN rail modular equipment

Miniature circuit breakers, residual current devices (RCD), daily timers, multimeters, OVR surrge arresters, resudual current circuit breakers with overcurrent protection (RCBO)…

Installation enclosures

Many types of distribution enclosures for domestic and commercial purpose. We have them surface or flush, plastic or metalic, with transparent or opaque door, single-row or multi-row up to 240 modules!

Types: Hager Voltra and Golf, ABB Mistral, UK500, AT, U series, Tehnoplast…

Enclosures for automatization

Enclosures for automatization and distribution of energy up to 2200mm of height and 2000mm width, with modular equipment and accessories according to customer’s wishes, for moulded compact circuit breakers, drives, change-over switches which mount on plates or busbar system (60mm,185mm…).

Types:  ABB SR2, IS2, Gemini, ARTU L, Rittal AE, Tracon TFE and TME …

Industrial equipment

Equipment for starting motors and all the heavy circuit loads, circuit breakers up to 4000A, measuring instrumentation, disconnectors, change-over switches.

Types: AF contactors, XTmax/Tmax/Emax moulded circuit breakers, MS motor starters, CR-P, CM relays, XLP and ZLBM switch disconnectors…

Variable frequency drives

ABB Softstarters and VFDs (1-phase or 3-phase) are often in our warehouse since we work with large cruise companies and ship suppliers.


Types: ABB PSR, PSE, ACS150, ACS355, ACS880

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