Kastav Grupa

Kastav Grupa d.o.o. was established in 2008 as a retail store of electrical supplies and lightning, with only one employee. The store was entitled as „Elektrokastav“. Under such name, over the years, our service became recognizable and our effort resulted in growth of wholesale department, and bigger warehouse nearby. Today our team consists of 10 members, including sales, storage and accounting.

2008. – Kastav Grupa opens its doors, as a retail store „Elektrokastav“

2012. becoming the first official distributor of ABB in Croatia.

2015. expansion of our warehouse with additional 150m2 in the nearby building.

2016.  expansion of business office space with the whole new storey above the store, with the new 120m2 of office space – making our company more recognizable, even from afar.

2017. opening of AlarmiKastav with its showroom.

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Respect towards all of our clients and partners is essential part of our business code of conduct. Each relation we keep in professional manner and inquiries are answered in the shortest possible terms.

Wide range of knowledge

Our employees poses wide range of knowledge and will be happy to help with whatever problem customer might come upon. If we do not have an answer right then, we’ll sure find the right one, and contact you.

Competitive prices

Since the market is changing constantly, so is our range of product – with keeping in mind that our offers are always competitive.