Numerous worldwide marine projects we have covered during recent years with our custom made and Rital/Eldon Electrical cabinets in combination with ABB equipment. We also deliver custom made panels as per our clients customized needs.

    Planning deadlines, work hours, designing layouts, drawing schemes and assessing material costs, are essential for completing the quotation. With clients, we make sure we collected needed details about specifying the complete enclosure so we could begin the production phase

    We produce LV enclosures for automation and distribution, stand alone or wall-mount, up to 4000 Amps. They usually include 60mm busbar system, MCBs, ACBs, MCCBs, meters of any kind and PLCs, if needed. Once tested, we ship them with TNT courier service to the client’s desired location.

    Generally, every enclosure or project is a story on its own, until it becomes a series production. In the beginning more time is necessary for defining so the next production line could be faster and more organized.

    We strive to be professional and competitive on global market always searching for challenges and new co-operation possibilities. Contact us, and assure of our qualities!

    We are proud of our panel building category.