What can we offer?

Electrical supplies, in general, cover wide spectre of products, but we usually divide it into two basic groups – by the phases where it’s being used. First phase material is practically „invisible“ to the customer since it is flush mounted (cables, boxes, electrical tubes,…), and the second phase material is visible and customer interacts with it during its use (switches, sockets,sensors, breakers,… ).

Switches and sockets

We stock 6 product lines of switches and sockets. Plana and Idea from Vimar, Chiara from ABB, Ekonomik and Modul from TEM, and Asfora from Schneider. Every once in a while we change one of the lines if the market asks it. With our wide range of available products, we can satisfy even the most demanding clients.

Cables and conductors

In our offer we have a large variety of cables such as PVC insulated H07V-K, H07V-U, NYM, NYMSt, rubber insulated H05RR-F, H07RN-F, power cables PP00, FG16OR16, TC cables J-YStY, TK-59, UTP and much more.

Tubes and boxes

In this segment we stock many types of installation plastic tubes such as Ticino, Elektrokontakt, Elletrocanali, Kauflex, PNT, corrugated tubes and many more. Also, we have flush and wall mounting boxes, cable trunking products and variety of connection accessories.

Lighting protection

We have on stock all the necessary materials for lightning protection installations. That includes carriers, clamps, rods, round aluminium or stainless steel conductor and galvanized tapes.


Along with coaxial cables, we offer TV UHF antennas, signal distributors and cable connectors for the installations.

Connection accessories

End terminals, cable lugs, sleeve connectors, terminal blocks, flat connecting terminals, plastic ties, heat-shrinkable tubes and tapes, insulating tapes, scotch tapes, cable glands and wire markers are part of our standard assortment.

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